My photo equipment

Considering the evolution of technology, I moved on digital camera in 2006 with a Fuji s6500fd bridge, in the beginning.


In 2008, I switched to a Nikon D80 and the 18-200 VR. After four years, the D80 has collapsed and I bought a Nikon D7000 in place, and a Nikon D90 in a second hand.  


Recently, i move to a full frame digital camera in 2016, the nikon D750.


In recent years, I have acquired a wide range of lenses for my Nikon:

  • The wide angle Tokina 11-17 F2.8, mainly for urban photography
  •  The Tamron 17-55 F2.8 for landscape and for long exposure photographs
  • The Nikon 50 mn F1.8 for portraits strobist with my Nikon Flash TTL system
  • The Tamron 70-200 F2.8 for Studio session and for photo-reportage
  • The Sigma art 35 mn F1.4 for photo reportage and artistic photograph
  • The Nikon 18-200 for all types of photography, especially during my travels
  • The Lensbaby muse for amazing bokeh

I also use :

  •  An old expert compact Nikon for infrared photos, the 5400, which is pretty good for this type of photography
  • A recent expert compact Fujifilm, Fuji X-20, which is always in my pocket and that is very useful for street photography
  • A Nikon D90 that I acquired recently to be able to have two cameras with two different lenses during some of my trips.


Now, I take most of my pictures with both my D750 FF camera and D7000 APS-C camera, and the fixed aperture lenses I have.