Why I love black and white photos ?

I prefer the black and white to color images for different reasons.


  • With black and white, time is captured and seems eternal.
  • The black and white gives a dramatic dimension to the picture.
  • With black and white, you can sublimate the light, increasing the contrast between the highlights and the shadows.
  • The black and white enhances the hardness of the characters, and it's so magical for atypical portraits.


But beware, it is not so easy to take a picture in black and white. It is not just to take the picture or turn color photos into black and white, but "think" and "see" the subject that you want to photograph in black and white, when you take the picture.


And it's for this reason I like to take pictures in black and white: taking a photo in black and white is something magic you're creating because you just imagine that subject in your mind and in your heart. You give birth to your emotions!  And when you imagine their own photo, you do not take a picture, but you live this beautiful moment


The result bears your own personality.